Suppose in Ally

Do you think it's wrong
to make a personnel decision based on appearance?
Ms Cooker:
I think it's wrong to fire someone because you think they look too old.
You do? Suppose I'm a television producer casting a movie and
I needed a young 30-ish sexy lady?
Ms Cooker:
We're not talking about television movies. We're talking about the news.
1-Episode 3: The Kiss

Ronny: Uh, is she in, Elaine?
Elaine: Yeah, she is, but may I just say something before you go in?
Ronny: I suppose.
1-Episode 3: The Kiss

I have acquired a mustache because my friends told me
the more face I could cover, the better.
But that's the real world.
In every walk of life, lawyers, journalists, secretaries,
pudgy teenagers looking to get one lousy date, looks matter.
You want to punish my client for that reality?
I suppose you could. But they're not responsible. And you know that.
陪審員の皆さんは....(責めるかもしれませんが。punish them の省略)
1-Episode 3: The Kiss 

It wasn't supposed to be like this.
You become a lawyer, you get interesting cases,
you meet interesting men in symphony here.
You're supposed to be able to send your whole life to the dry cleaners,
and then it's supposed to come back all pretty and neat on a hanger
and... It wasn't supposed to be like this, Renee.
I agree. I agree. But...can we talk about this?
Ally: No!
1-Episode 5: One Hundred Tears Away

Billy: I guess I better make sure those twins don't get my wife.
Ally: Yeah.
Billy: I'll be back.
Ally: Oh, yeah.
1-Episode 5: One Hundred Tears Away

Hey, Dad. I'm great. How are you? How's Mom? Yeah, yeah,
I guess it is kind of late,
but I was just leaving my office and
I thought I'd call and say, "Hey!" No, everything's fine.
Kind of a tough week, but... Yeah. Normal.
Anyway, I just... That was all.
I just called to say, "Hey!" Yeah, we do.
Maybe I can make it over next week.
Yeah. Anyway, I'll let you get back to bed. Okay. I love you. Bye. Dad?
1-Episode 5: One Hundred Tears Away

I'm supposed to get an injunction so they can't sell ice cream?
ELAINE: And you'll do your best.
ALLY: How can I possibly attach the real estate? The claim itself?
1-Episode 6: The Promise

I guess what I'm trying to ask you is...
Do you think it's wrong for a person to marry another person,
not because she's the one, but because she's the only?
I mean, we make so few promises to ourselves as we grow up.
And one of them is, that on our wedding day
we walk down the aisle with somebody we love.
Somebody who does make your heart bounce, I guess.
And there are some promises, Harry,
that I think we just have to keep.
1-Episode 6: The Promise 

Well, forgive me.
I'm not used to people bouncing in here,
asking me to adjust Judaism.
I'm sorry. Um, I didn't mean, um... Look.
Suppose we could show that Ira planned to grant the Get,
which he did. It's just that he got hit by a bus before he could do it.
Rabbi: I'm afraid that doesn't help.
1-Episode 7: The Attitude 

Well, what if this had happened to your wife?
Suppose she'd had a former husband who was a vegetable.
You wouldn't be married. Did you ever think of that?
Rabbi: I'm not married.
Ally: And you wonder why.
Rabbi: What? Are you always such a bitchy little thing?
Ally: Bitchy?
1-Episode 7: The Attitude 

Ally: Oh, Yeah, I, I get tingles.
I still haven't figured out a way to prosecute them.
I guess the object in those cases is just probably to try to keep the jury awake.
I mean, the worst thing about
being a D.A. is the sense of futility, I suppose.
Ally: Oh, yeah.
(Get that gunk off your face! Oh, thank God!)
Um, you, you have, have a little...
Oh, thanks. I mean, I'm not really in favor of the three strikes law.
But it's frustrating, you know?
Ally: (It's all one big giant conspiracy.)
1-Episode 7: The Attitude

ALLY: Oh. What are we supposed to do with these?
RICHARD: What do we do? We extort. That's what we do.
1-Episode 8: Drawing the Lines  

Ally: Do you think it's funny?
Georgia: No, it's sick.
Billy: Dirty jokes are supposed to be sick. That's the point.
Ally: So you think it's funny?
Billy: Well, a little.
Ally: She's got no arms, no legs, bobbing up and down.
Billy: Ally, I don't think you're supposed to think about it.
Ally: How am I not supposed to think about it?
A woman was born basically a stump.
And imagine what her life must have been like growing up.
I mean, kids picking on her. She never made it to her prom.
Now she's on the beach. Some guy comes by,
picks her up and heaves her into the ocean.
I don't think the joke is funny. But, Ally, it's a made-up thing.
You're giving this girl a whole back-story.
Richard: Maybe she did go to her little prom.
Ally: You know,
there are real people out there with no arms and no legs.
GEORGIA: I know. But you're not supposed to rationalize like that.
No joke would be funny if you dissected it.
Richard: Yeah, like was it high tide or low tide?
How did she get to the beach in the first place?
The questions are endless.
1-Episode 9: The Dirty Joke

Okay, so, uh, what, specifically, did you perceive as hostile?
Jennifer: Well, the looks, I guess.

Ally: How was the mean look different from the normal look?
It wasn't really, I guess.
But when they filed that lawsuit saying they hated the way
I dressed and the way I walked around, after that,
I had to assume they weren't looking at me
because they wanted to be my friends.
So when they filed that lawsuit, that's when you felt the hostility?
Jennifer: Yes.
Ally: Okay, that's all. Thank you.
Jennifer: Thanks.
1-Episode 9: The Dirty Joke

Georgia: Did you see that?
Ally: What?
Georgia: She looked at me!
Ally: Georgia, Poop is married, she's not gay.
Georgia: Then why did she look at me?
Ally: I don't know. I don't... I don't know anything.
Georgia: What's that supposed to mean?
Ally: You thought that joke was sick, didn't you?
Georgia: Yeah.
Ally: Well, they laughed hard, Georgia.
Georgia: The men laughed. The women were,
I think, just more amused by Renee's performance. The boys.
Ally: Why do men like sick jokes?
Georgia: I'm not sure. I think they're just...
Ally: Sicker?
Georgia: Yeah.
1-Episode 9: The Dirty Joke

Ally: I love sculpting. (彫刻って大好き)
It's healthy to end your day doing something artistic.
I agree. Um, can you turn around a bit?
I can't see your meat whistle.
Ally: Renee, you're not supposed to talk to him.
Renee: Well, you are not talking much?
Ally: I'm lost in my art air.
Renee: Whatever. Hey, I'm thinking of being sick on Friday.
You wanna go skiing?
Ally: I can't. I'm in trial. A battery. Son of a big client.
Instructor: Okay, Geoff. You can take a break. Glenn?
Renee: Wait. I haven't circumcised him yet.
Instructor: Cute.
Renee: Speaking of cute.
Ally: Renee, you're not supposed to look at him either. 
Renee: We're not supposed to look at him? 
Ally: Not like that. そんな風に見ちゃダメっていう意味!
Instructor: Everything okay over here?
Ally: Fine.
Instructor: You?
Renee: I might need a touch more clay.
1-Episode 12: Cro-Magnon

Georgia: I'm serious.
Life is supposed to the sum total of different experiences, right?
1-Episode 12: Cro-Magnon

Prosecutor: And where were his hands when you swung him, Mr Gil?
Clint: I guess they were by his side. たぶん、(彼の手は)彼の脇に。
Prosecutor: By his side? He never even saw it coming?
Clint: I don't know if he saw it coming.
He certainly had it coming.
Prosecutor: And that's why you popped him?
Clint: Yes.
1-Episode 12: Cro-Magnon

Ally, you say your opposite is like the negative.
Suppose you met somebody just like you?
Ally: Ick!
1-Episode 13: The Blame Game

Billy: You having a good time?
Ally: Excuse me?
Billy: This thing with the model is a little disappointing.
I don't suppose it's any of my business.
1-Episode 13: The Blame Game

Richard: This is what happens
when the justice system gets perverted by principle.
And you three are supposed to be lawyers?
It's a lawyer's job to make sure their decision is an informed one,
and it was.
1-Episode 13: The Blame Game

We should be there in 20 minutes.
Less if we don't hit traffic. No, no. We are hurrying.
Georgia: Oh, I think you were supposed to have turned left there.
Ally: What? Damn it! No, no, no, no, no. Not you, Janie.
We'll be there. You just relax and ovulate.
Okay, how do you feel about one-way streets?
Georgia: Normally, I'm a fan. But not with a cop watching.

Ally: Hello, Officer.
Male Officer: License and registration, ma'am.
Ally: Absolutely.
I suppose you wonder what I was doing going down a one-way street.
I was going one-way.
Male Officer: Have you been drinking, ma'am?
Ally: No, I don't.
1-Episode 14: Body Language

Ally: John, I'm sorry.
John: It's quite all right. I suppose we're even.
Episode 15: Once in a Lifetime

We're not gonna win this by telling the jury he's a sex addict.
This is about one affair which led to marriage. We don't…
Richard: Suppose there are other affairs to establish a pattern.
Ally: There's no evidence of any other affair.
1-Episode 16: Forbidden Fruits

And certainly, if the woman was also attracted…
Maybe she, too, fell in love just by being near him.
Can't really blame the guy there, can you?
Mr Bepp: No, but if…
No, no, hold on. Suppose two people,
despite their mutual attraction, they stay away from each other.
Suppose they even deny their attraction.
But still there's no really denying that they love each other.
Have they committed any offense?
Mr Bepp: If they haven't acted on it, no. But when he acts on it…
1-Episode 16: Forbidden Fruits

Renee: So you lied.
Ally: Through my teeth. What was I supposed to say?
Yes, if Billy and I were on a deserted island,
it would be a completely horizontal way of life?
Of course I lied. Sometimes you have to lie.
Renee: So Georgia has a point then. She's absolutely right.
Ally: No. She's not right about me busting up her marriage.
That will never happen.
1-Episode 16: Forbidden Fruits



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