GIVE&GET - Episode 9: The Dirty Joke -

Yeah, like was it high tide or low tide?
How did she get to the beach in the first place?
The questions are endless.

She is getting hostile treatment because she's deemed too sexy.

All right, I tell you what: I'll tell my joke at the bar.
If they laugh, you'll have to get up and tell your little flea joke.
Ally: Forget it.
See, as usual, in the end you backed out.
And you're worried this outfit makes you
seem more conservative than you really are?
Okay. You get up at that bar and you tell that joke,
the same joke.
And if people laugh, a real laugh, a good one,
then I will get up on that stage and I will tell my flea joke.
Renee: You got a bet.
Ally: Good.
Renee: Good.

you bet /
means "You can bet money on that",
showing that you are 100 percent agree with
what another one has just said,
and you think what he/she had said is true. urbandictionary

I don't wanna stop short of just getting even. Retribution?
Not strong enough. Ruin! That's the goal.
Irreversible, irreparable, irrational ruin! New firm policy.
・ストップ、ショート、ジャスト、イーブンstop short of just getting even

Anyway, we'll be done at 5. Plenty of time to get down to the bar
and hear you tell your big joke.
Renee: Do I look scared?
No, and I know why.
It's a win-win for you.
Even if you don't get a laugh, you still get up on that stage.

Elaine: I did not ambush the firm!
Richard: Elaine, get out, please.
Elaine: I'd like to account for my testimony.
Richard: You're accounted for. Shoo!
Okay, we've got to pick this girl apart.
We've got a motion to dismiss pending.
We've got to pick her apart to establish she didn't feel harassed.
You want me to do it?
Richard: Ally, you.
Ally: Me?
Richard: She'll turtle against Billy.
You got a better chance.
You got that Julie Andrews thing going.
Ally: Did someone tell you to say that to me?
Richard: Say what?

Ally: Please, I'll be your slave.
Renee: This time tomorrow night, you're taking that stage.
Ally: You're really good at making me get up there?
Renee: I am.

Caroline: Is the steno here?
Billy: Yeah. We're all set. Go on in. We'll be right there.
Let me get Richard. リチャード呼んでくる。
Caroline: Fine.

Billy: Tomorrow morning.
But Ally, I sort of agree with Richard.
You didn't get anything out of her.
I don't know how we're gonna get the claim dismissed
without the admission that she didn't really feel harassed?

Billy: I don't know what the big deal is. What's going on, Georgia?
Georgia: I get approached by gay women a lot, Billy.

Ally: Do you know any (Dirty Joke)?
Renee: I got a few.

Ally: So you think it's funny?
Billy: Well, a little.
Ally: She's got no arms, no legs, bobbing up and down.

She wasn't gonna give us that admission. Poop had her well-coached.
Great. Well, without cracking the plaintiff, not even slightly,
what are we taking a motion to dismiss other than a prayer?
却下の申し立てを取るのに何をしろっていうのさ・祈る以外に?(other than = except for)
Ally: I got it covered, Richard. 何とかするわ(カバーする)
Richard: She wasn't very good, was she?

I actually think it was funny. You told it great. They just...
Ally: Hated it.
Rene: Well, see? With a good dirty joke, it's got to be surprising.
But the listener also has to have a sense of what's coming.

So? A complaint can't be the basis of a sexual harassment claim.
There's qualified immunity when it comes to pleadings.
According to her testimony,
the only bad treatment she got was being sued.
A lawsuit has immunity.

Georgia: A rabbi?
We're going out tomorrow night.
I got new shoes. I got new dress.
I like to remake myself every new relationship.
Billy: Got it.

And give up Christmas? Oh, I got to go.
I got to go to meet Renee.
I'm hardening up, ain't I? I kicked that Poop lady's butt.
I told a dirty joke on stage.
I think I'm ready to be released into the real world,
don't you? I'm hardening up.
Billy: Yep. Here's to the hard you.

Georgia: She'll argue "constructive notice."
Ally: Even so, step one is to complain.
Give the employer a chance to fix the problem.
She never did that.
Billy: I'll go and meet with her lawyer.

And that somebody would be me!
But first, let's take a moment to give it up to Vonda Shepard!
She's here every day singing for us!

So he bends down and gives her the sweetest little kiss.

Episode 9: The Dirty Joke



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