Closing Arguments - Cro-Magnon (12) -

What was he really to do?
The man was verbally assaulting his date.
I suppose he could have responded in rhyme, espousing sticks and stones.
He could have walked away.
Remember I was about to put
a psychologist slash anthropologist on the stand.
My intent was to introduce evidence as to the essence of human behavior.
I tell you, as I looked at this doctor on the stand,
I suddenly thought, "Does this jury really need some specialist
to educate them as to human nature?"
Because that's what happened at this party, ladies and gentlemen.
Human nature. Man, any man is part warrior.
Certainly we've evolved.
We have suits and ties, cell phones.
But there are certain primal qualities that will always be there.

When I'm 13 years old, I was standing in line at a movie theater.
When another boy, slightly larger in girth,
cut in front of me, and he said,
"What are you gonna do about it?" (Whatcha gonna do about it)
Well, I did nothing. And that haunted me
I went on to become president of my chess club,
high school valedictorian, law school.
I've accomplished a lot, actually.
But when I on occasion really define myself, what was always there,
what I could not escape was I was a kid
who was afraid, afraid to physically stick up for myself.
Three years ago, I was at a bar on Causeway Street.
It was after a Celtics game.
Their play was disappointing.
That was irrelevant.
What is a man bumped my shoulder, heading for the men's room.
He was at fault.
He also had wider shoulders.
And he said, "Idiot."
I said, "Excuse me?" And he repeated, "Idiot."
Then he said, "Got a problem?"
I said, "Yes. I do have a problem."
He said, "Maybe you need some space," and pushed me.
Right there, right then,
he became the boy at that movie theater and I pushed him back.
Then he started to come forward.
I knew this was about to be a fight.
My first fight.
I raised my right hand.
Then I remember something my father told me about planting my back foot.
I planted it against the leg of a table.
And as this man got close and came to hit me,
I threw my punch, and I hit him.
Right, right on the jaw.
He went down. He didn't get up. He just laid there, just holding his jaw.
And I stood over him.

Well, I've had my successes as a lawyer,
I've given money to charities,
I've performed public services.
That brought me enormous gratification as human being, but as a man,
medieval as this may sound, as a man,
the most satisfying moment of my life was that punch.
Is that noble? I'm sure not.
Am I embarrassed about it? Absolutely.
But is it a fundamental truth? Yes.
A truth of man's human nature.
I'm not here before you to condone violence or physical assault.
But when a man's with a date and another man attacks her vulgarity,
what is he really to do?
Go back to that room.
And admit a truth to yourselves.
You're glad he threw that punch

Will the defendant please rise,
Madame foreperson, you've reached your verdict?
Jury: Yes, Your Honor.
Judge: What say you?
On the charge of 62321 misdemeanor battery,
we find the defendant Clinton Gill not guilty.

I guess this was a victory for Cro-Magnon mankind.

Season 1 / Episode 12:



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