Boom ブーン

Ally: I know why Richard hired her. But, but you!
What, what was it?
because you're drawn to her?
Jhon: In part.
She makes my heart go... Boom.
And she's a fine Attorney.

2-Episode 1: The Real World

そしてある日 あなたは気付く

I want more money.

Richard: I want more, Jhon.
Jhon: More?
Richard: Hm... Money. More money.
I know it's weakness and I've actually
been trying to think less...
about wealth and instead of focus on
the thing I can buy with it. But...
Jhon: Everybody wants more money, Richard.
Richard: Does everybody...
Sometimes when I look at my stock portfolio,
I get aroused.

Does, uh, everybody do that?
Jhon: The persentage would be less there.

Jhon: Ever heard of Nelle Porter?
Richard: Sub-zero Nelle?
Jhon: She's looking to leave Goodman Dale.
She's got serious portables.
Richard: Will she meet?
Jhon: I'm told she's asked about us.

2-Episode 1: The Real World
ストックポートフォリオstock portfolio

A verdict at episode 1

Laura Jewell
Wnat does this mean, their coming back quickly?
Jhon: They have weekend plans.
Judge: Members of the jury...
You've reached a verdict?
Jury: We have, Your Honor.
Judge: Wnat say you?
On the matter of theree-two-six-six-four, sex with a minor...
we find the defendant Laura Jewell...
not guilty by reason of temporary insanity.
Laura Jewell:Thank you.
Jhon: Never underestimate a jury.
Ally: Really.
Judge: The defendant is free to go.
We're adjourned.

I've got to hand it to the Bisucit.
On basic nullification, he's pretty good.
2-Episode 1: The Real World
おもいでの夏 - The Summer of '42 - Closing Arguments

Benefit of doubt 疑わしきは罰せず

- the jury has reached its verdict?
- We have.
- What say you?
- In the matter of Daley versus Paul'Bistro...
on the court of negligent infliction of emotional disterss...
we find in favor of... the defendant.
The jury's dismissed.
Thank you for service.
Habdy: I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt
and say thank you.
Jhon: Sometimes sentiment is just that, Mr.Habdy.
And sometimes not

give a preson the benefit of the doubtとは。
(証拠不十分の場合に)〈被告人などに〉有利に解釈する, 「疑わしきは罰せず」.

Episode 2: They Eat Horses, Don't They?


Judge: The discharge is contrary to law.
Mr. Madison, you have your job back.
Ms. Mcbeal, you are in conpempt of court.
Bailiff, take her into custody.
Billy: She's in a sell right now?

George: Well, I feel terrible.
You won the case, I have my job back...
and you've been left to rot in jail.
Ally: Well, I'm dangerous.

rot /
1〔動詞(+副)〕腐る,腐敗する,腐朽する 〈away,off,out〉.
2〈社会・制度などが〉(道徳的に)腐敗[堕落]する; だめになる.
3〈囚人が〉やせ衰える; 〈人が〉元気がなくなる
The prisoners were left to rot in prison.

2-Episode 4: It's My Party

Perky presonality

Ally: Don't you think by suing him,
that's we're giving him exactly what he wants?
I mean, this guy loves the publicity. (宣伝)
Nelle: Even so, we're doing what Ling wants. 
Ally: Oh, come on, Nelle.
We're not going to win this.
Nelle: Don't be so sure.
Ally: Nelle, uh, what, what, um ...
is a... spinner?
Nelle: I think it means ... 
Perky presonality.

spinner: ①漁師のえさ、擬餌鉤②紡ぐ人、紡績工
perky: ①元気のいい②自信にあふれた③生意気、すかした
1-Episode 2: They Eat Horses, Don't They?

Nasty little skirt vs Speedo - Banana Hammock -

Maybe next time
I'll start walking around...
with speedos to get some individuality.
Ben: That was craker jack. 優秀品(someone excellent of their kind)
Ally: What did you say?
Billy: You heard me.
2-Episode 4: It's My Party

Mike: If you need an easy way to remember it,
just think of a bag of crap.
Rita: Okay. Excuse me...
Phoebe: Yeah... Ogh... Okay, fine. You made your point.
Can you please just be Mike Hannigan again?
Mike: Only if you'll be Phoebe Buffay.
Phoebe: How about uhm... How about Buffay-Hannigan?
Mike: Really?
Phoebe: Yeah. I'm Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan Banana Hammock.
Mike: Do you even know what a banana hammock is?
Phoebe: It's a funny word.
Mike: It's a Speedo.
Phoebe: ...Oh crap!
1014 - The One With Princess Consuela

Look at the bright side

Ally: Of course you're invited.
I'm sure you've already made plans.
Nelle: Actually, I haven't.
Ally: On, Great!
Then you can come?
Nelle: I'd love to.
I mean, it's not every day
I'll be getting...
an invitation like this, will I?
Ally: Probably not.
Um, uh, dates are welcome.
if you want to bring somebody.
Nelle: Great.
I suppose Billy's already going.(say to Georgia)
Ally: Look at the bright side.
She's bringing you and I closer together.

(Ally and Georgia smile face to face with each other)

2-Episode 4: It's My Party

Friction 男女の仲とはすなわち葛藤・摩擦・衝突

George: Oh, well, by all means,
let's hear your opinion, Richard.
Richard: Simple. Men and Women. Friction.
George: That's it? Friction?
Friction, friction, friction, orgasm.

2-Episode 4: It's My Party
friction / ①摩擦 ②(意見の)衝突,あつれき,不和.

First impression about Ling  (Fish)

Richard: Tell me, Ling,
when you resort to these sexual harassment lawsuit...
do you worry about coming off... say...
weak, vindictive, powerless little imp
in need of special help?
It runs so contrary to your persponality
which seems vicious
I'm just making conversation till, Nelle gets there.
Ling: If you only knew the things
that are said about me.
Richard: I bet I could guess.

Richard: When I first saw you,
you know what I was thinking
Ling: What?
Richard: Nothing. You made no ipmression at all.

1激しい憎悪を特徴とするmarked by deep ill will
able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering
bringing or deserving severe rebuke or censure
4悪徳の性質を持つさまhaving the nature of vice)
Episode 2: They Eat Horses, Don't They?

Dirty, ugly, I could kiss you.

Nelle: Well, he said something about
taking Viagra with lbprofen.
Ally: That was a joke.
Nelle: Depends on how you interpret it.
If wew made mistake... Oopsie.
He's public figure.
He can't get us for geing negligent.
He's got to prove reckless disregard
for the truth, he can't.
I told you, in the end,
the First Amendent's our buddy.
Dirty, ugly, I could kiss you.
I could almost kiss you.
Ling: But you won't.

2-Episode 2: They Eat Horses, Don't They?


Jhon: What do you mean,
we're going down the toilet?
Ally: I worry about
this place becoming something dfferent.

Jhon: I just want to say,
your concerns that this place ...
might become something different ...
I share them.
But as long as we have you,
I know We'll keep what we have

Ally: That might be the best thing
anyone's ever said to me

2-Episode 2: They Eat Horses, Don't They?

But who made up the rule

If you want some advice, here it is.
It can't last forever, of course not.
But who made up the rule
that the best loves do

2-Episode 1: The Real World


Billy didn't break up with me because ...
he had to go off to Michigan
to make law review.
He went to Michigan to get away from me.
That was just his way of fleeing from the scene.
Am I right?
I am right.
Well, he didn't have to go that far.
Did he really have to go all the way to Michigan?

He met somebody who was at Michigan.
He met you while he was still with me
Georgia Thomas:
I didn't know about you.

2-Episode 3: Fools Night Out

ネル、リンを分析する リチャード共感する

Nelle: Can I offer a piece of armchair
psychology? As your friend?
You're an unpopular preson.
You're. あなたは人好きしないタイプ。
And I think it's easier to deal with
if you're fighting with everybody.
So you can lay it off on a battle
Instead of...
Ling: Thank you, Nelle.
That helps.
She needed to hear it.

Richard: Ling.
I, I do the same thing, in a way.
For whatever reason, uh,
people would never trust me.
So, I started being unscruplous on puppose,
and that way...
I felt in control of people's reactions
Anyway... Um, not everybody dislike you.
I like you
Have dinner with me.
Ling: I'd like that.

2-Episode 3: Fools Night Out
scrupulous /
1. characterized by careful observation of what is morally right
2. very careful or precise 注意深く正確
unscruplous / without scruples; unprincipled
an unscrupulous quest for profit あくどい利潤追求.

May be God didn't give you a heart?

People like you don't understand.
Beautifully proportioned.
The shapely can be so blind to less fotrunate.
I try to give my sister the chance to maybe
feel what it's like to be someone like you.
Maybe God didn't give you a heart 
under your perfect breasts

2-Episode 3: Fools Night Out


先例にこだわるな!Why do we get so fixated on precedents?

Ally: Why do we get so fixated on precedents?
Judge 'Whipper' Cone
Well, that's just kind of the way
our justice system works
. 我々の法システムがそうなっている。
Were you buffing a nail the day they taught that?
It's silly to apply precedent when it comes to medicine.
How do you base decisions on what happened yesterday ...
when today's technology is completely different?
All I'm hearing in this room
is fear
Don't go there, We've never been there before. It's dangerous."

2-Episode 11: In Dreams


I let my frog run free, he ended up
getting flushed down the toilet.
I don't want my hope to meet the same fate.
Nelle: You're afraid you'll get hurt.
When that man approached you last night ...
that must happen all the time with you.
With princes, no less, not just frog.
Can we get off the frog thing?
You know how I hate frogs.

Jhon: You're a beautiful woman. And smart.
Anything and everything that you want in a man ...
Those choices are there for you
Nelle: Oh, Jhon!
Do you know what most men are like?
Jhon: Yes.
And I'm not totally insecure.
I think I measure up well against most men.
But whatever you're drawn to in me ...
somewhere out there
those qualities do exist ...
in a more attractive package
Nelle: Well, I haven't met him.
Jhon: But you probably will, Nelle.
And you won't even have to go looking for him.
Because those men, they're out there looking for you.
And, soon or later, you'll be found
Jhon, whether you and I are a match, who knows?
The truth is, I'm losing interest as we speak ...
because I'm not drawn to victims
But if you think that I'm the type of person ...
who would just be swept up by an attractive package ...
why would you be interested in me?
Look, I suspect all your friends are telling
you to play it safe. So ...
do that, if it works for you.

season2 : 9.You Never Can Tell

一緒に乗り越えよう。 We'll get through this.

We'll get through this.

season2 : 9.You Never Can Tell
get through:
To arrive at the end of; finish or complete.
(1) …を通り抜ける; …を通り抜けて〔目的地に〕着く 〔to〕.
(2) 〈困難な時〉を切り抜ける; 〈時〉を過ごす.
(3) …を(し)終える


I've been holding back.
I thought because I was afraid of
falling in love with you.
And I'd get hurt.
But I think that my real fear ...
it's not that I would fall in love with you, Nelle ...
it's that I never would
You represent the girl that I could never get
in high school. I was ...
the kid who stood in the corners at the dances and just ...
I only dreamt about ...
And when I'm with you, it's like, I'm living my fantasy.
And that's exactly what I'm doing.
And it's all I'm doing. それ以上のもの(感情)はない。≒ それですべてだ。

You don't really get me, Nelle ...
and I don't really get you.
I think what I'm trying to say ...
Nelle: You've met somebody.
Jhon: No, no, no, I haven't.
Nelle: Yes, you have.
You say I don't get you.
I can't connect with your inner worlds.
Do you know anybody who does, Jhon?
Anybody you instinctively run to when you need to walk?
Know anybody who connects with your dream world?
There is somebody, Jhon.
But judging by the look I see on her face lately ...
you may have waited too long
2-Episode 12: Love Unlimited

Nelle vs Ling (in Steam Sauna)

(In Steam Sauna)
Nelle: Do you really not like sex?
Ling: It's not that I don't like it.
I just think it's overrated.
Nelle: Overrated?
Ling: A lot of women don't love it, Nelle.
They just find affirmation in sex.
It makes them feel good about themselves.※
I already feel good without the mess.
Nelle: I like sex.
Ling: With you it's different.
You're emotionally inept. (≒ not good at doing something)
You like sex because you can mistake it for passion ...
convince yourself you have a heart.
Nelle: What?
Ling: I don't like to repeat myself.
The steam hurts my larynx. (the part in your throat where your voice is produced)
Nelle: I'm emotionally inept?
Ling: I mean it in a good way.
Nelle: You know what, Ling?
Ling: That was a hard "L". I'm leaving.
Nelle: Sit!
Ling: That hurt me!
Nelle: I'm not emotionally inaccessible. (difficult or impossible to reach)
I am not a cold preson.
Ling: Right. People call you "Sub-zero" to be facetious.
Compared to you, the Titanic struck heat.
My turn to tug! (get hold Nelle's arm down)
Let's be honest with each other.
Neither of us wants a man to go
pelunking to our emotional core.
The echo would kill him.
I like Fisn and you like Cage ...
cause we know they'll never get there.
They're fun, we laugh, they pick up the check.
Nelle: Oh, it's disgusting, Ling.
Ling: Oh, come on!
Jhon Cage? He's a trinket.
You like him because he won't force you
to up your thermostat.
Nelle: That's not true.
And don't tell me you don't like Fish. You do.
Ling: May be a little. But ...
Nelle: No, a lot!
You're just afraid you'll get a wrinkle from smilling.
Ling: Sideless! 孤立無援!

2-Episode 11: In Dreams
pelunking : The act (or sports) of exploring a cave
trin‧ket : a piece of jewellery or a small pretty object that is not valuable
※and he let me pet him.


Maybe that's what scares me the most.
As soon as you've found love,
you've had it

2-Episode 12: Love Unlimited

Well, yes. But it's not enjoyable.

_B_L___B 2

_B_L___B 1
Nelle: We're done.

Richard: I can't say that blame her, Jhon.
Ally: Neither, do I.
THe thing you have to realize, and I'm sure Ally will agree ...
despite all the feigned protests from women ...
God really did put them on Earth
as object of male sexual desire ...
and when you withhold that kind of promal reonforcement ...
you shred their esteem.
Ally: You were sure I'd agree with that?
Jhon: Look, Nelle know I'm physically attracted to her.
Well, then what are you waiting for?
Couple don't have sex after marriage, Jhon.
It's now or never, so ...
Ally: Why do you always that?
That is ridiculous.
Couple have sex after marriage. 
Richard: Well, yes. But it's not enjoyable.
Ally: And why is that?
Richard: Well, first of all, and I'm sure you'll agree ...
sex for men is a little about couquest.
After marriage, she's legally required. お勤めでしかない
If a husband tells a friend he got lucky last night ...
you can be sure he's not talking about his wife.
How do these things just spew out of your head like that?
Can you at least use your brain as a fliter?
Richard: That remark would hurt if I had feelings.
You do have feelings.
You both have feelings.
And I think that's why you're both ...
You're both afraid.
You like to surf relationship, and you only like to wade
in with your toes.
Richard: And you like to drown. 君は溺れ過ぎ。

_B_L___B 3
Richard: Women think they have all the answers.
2-Episode 11: In Dreams

By not going down the road, it ermains the road ahead.

The reason I prehaps don't want to escalate sexually
is because I'm afraid of,
accelerating the relationship towards extinction.

We'd likely discover that
we weren't ultimately right for each other.
We'd prehaps part, and I would miss you.
One more time?
By not going down the road,
it ermains the road ahead ..... which excites me
先に進まずにいれば、いつまでも前途があって..... 奮い立つんだ
It even brings me joy.

You're excited about going to down
a road you refuse to go down?

well, if you just move slow enough,
you'll never get to the end.
2-Episode 11: In Dreams
accelerate: 加速する
if a vehicle or someone who is driving it accelerates,
it starts to go faster
The car accelerated smoothly away.

You're only what other people think of you.

You got to remember, Jhon.
You're not who you are.
You're only what other people think of you.
You've gotta sleep with this woman.
2-Episode 11: In Dreams

That's a medical fact.

So, if a woman doesn't want sex, it's okay.
But if a man doesn't want it, uh, he's gay?
Yes. That isn't just me.
That's a medical fact.

2-Episode 11: In Dreams

Personal questions don't bother me. I just lie.

Richard ..can I ask you something a little personal?
Personal questions don't bother me. I just lie.
You and Ling. Are you serious?
I can't tell. I haven't slept with her yet.

Season 2 / Episode 6:
World's Without Love
・パーソナルクエスチョンPersonal questions

Don't take mine.

You can have any man you want,
Ally. Please don't take mine

Season 2 / Episode 5:
Story of Love
それはわたしのものです It's MINE คนนี้พี่ขอ!! Let me have this one. 


Fifty-five isn't bad out.
She doesn't have 55,000 dollars.
Plus, isn't the other girl Cruela here?
She took her boyfriend.
Boyfriends are not taken.
People find each other.
And sometimes there's a bump involved

Season 2 / Episode 5:
Story of Love

it would just be full vertical scanning.

ring woo in court

Most of the time

it would just be full vertical scanning.

season2 : 9.You Never Can Tell



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