おもいでの夏 - The Summer of '42 -

And it was the ending we all wanted, wasn't it?
And we don't need to be ashamed
for wishing thatresult.
See, the law aside, nature actually favirs it.
A man achieves his sexual as a teenager,
A woman in her thirties.
The district attorny will no doubt beat...
that drum, the law is the law is the law,
that's what District Attornys do.
But when it comes to love...
there really is no law, is there?
Jury: No!

Laura Jewell fell victim to her love.
Yes, she embraced it beyond the bounds of the law.
But I tell you, as I went home
from that movie that night...
As I still go home after watching
love stories today...
I pray "just once, let me know that kind of passion."
Let me know a love that deeply
What Laura Jewell did caused her
to commit an insane act.
But in her feelings were even a fraction of how
they've described in this room...
a fraction of what I felt
and still do feel for Jennifer...
Insanity would have been had she not gone to him.
Give me a break.

2-Episode 1: The Real World Closing Argument
A verdict at episode 1 / not guilty by reason of temporary insanity.

Summer of 42 - Jennifer O'Neill / Music by Michel Legrand
おもいでの夏 (1971)(米)

Closing Arguments - Story of Love (5) -

Laura's attorney:
Feelings, we can't really control.
But behavior, we can and we should.
Is it understandable that Hannah Puck suffered hurt feelings?
Of course, it is.
Is it acceptable behavior for her to assault Laura Payne ...
to blow her into trash bin?
Of course, not.
And Ms.Puck, she took that stand defending her actions.
Basically saying, "Emotion just took her over."
Saying that Laura Payne was the wrongdoer.
But for what?
Fof letting her emotion take her over?
She fell in love.
She fell in love.
Is it unfortunate that the man was her best friend's boyfriend? Yes.
But love,True love,
It isn't something that just comes along like a train.
Where you can say, "Hey, I'll just catch the next one."
If everything we've been told about true love is, in fact, true ...
maybe it comes along once.
Does it make sense to exalt the protocol of friendship ...
over your one chance of ....... (チャンスは一度きりなのに...)
Now imagine, Two people being right for each other.
Knowing they are right for each other, and ...
letting if pass "because she dates my friend."
Any woman who does that ...
well, she sort of dumps herself in the trash bin, doesn't she

Her BEST friend. Not A friend. Her BEST friend.
Leaving her in a big heap.
And then she sues ...
And then, because she knows she looks like a villain,
she goes out and hires a diminutive lawyer (it means Oren)...
for the sole purpose of making me the heavy.

(Oren starts crying)
Judge: Mr. Koolie! (it means Oren)
Oren: She hurt my feelings. (continues to cry.)

Judge: Mr. Foreman, has the jury reached its verdict?
Foreman: We have, Your Honor.
Judge: What say you?
In the matter of Payne versus Puck,
we find in favor of the plaintiff, Laura Payne.
And in order to defendant Hannah Puck to pay damages
in the amount of one dollar.
Oren: (starts crying.) One dollar!
Judge: Mr. Koolie!
Laura's attorney: Give it a rest, Oren.
(Oren stops crying immediately.)
Judge: Court dismissed.

Season 2 / Episode 5:
Story of Love
・ベーシックBasically saying
・トゥルーラブTrue love
・プロトコルprotocol of friendship
・ダメージpay damages

Closing Arguments - Cro-Magnon (12) -

What was he really to do?
The man was verbally assaulting his date.
I suppose he could have responded in rhyme, espousing sticks and stones.
He could have walked away.
Remember I was about to put
a psychologist slash anthropologist on the stand.
My intent was to introduce evidence as to the essence of human behavior.
I tell you, as I looked at this doctor on the stand,
I suddenly thought, "Does this jury really need some specialist
to educate them as to human nature?"
Because that's what happened at this party, ladies and gentlemen.
Human nature. Man, any man is part warrior.
Certainly we've evolved.
We have suits and ties, cell phones.
But there are certain primal qualities that will always be there.

When I'm 13 years old, I was standing in line at a movie theater.
When another boy, slightly larger in girth,
cut in front of me, and he said,
"What are you gonna do about it?" (Whatcha gonna do about it)
Well, I did nothing. And that haunted me
I went on to become president of my chess club,
high school valedictorian, law school.
I've accomplished a lot, actually.
But when I on occasion really define myself, what was always there,
what I could not escape was I was a kid
who was afraid, afraid to physically stick up for myself.
Three years ago, I was at a bar on Causeway Street.
It was after a Celtics game.
Their play was disappointing.
That was irrelevant.
What is a man bumped my shoulder, heading for the men's room.
He was at fault.
He also had wider shoulders.
And he said, "Idiot."
I said, "Excuse me?" And he repeated, "Idiot."
Then he said, "Got a problem?"
I said, "Yes. I do have a problem."
He said, "Maybe you need some space," and pushed me.
Right there, right then,
he became the boy at that movie theater and I pushed him back.
Then he started to come forward.
I knew this was about to be a fight.
My first fight.
I raised my right hand.
Then I remember something my father told me about planting my back foot.
I planted it against the leg of a table.
And as this man got close and came to hit me,
I threw my punch, and I hit him.
Right, right on the jaw.
He went down. He didn't get up. He just laid there, just holding his jaw.
And I stood over him.

Well, I've had my successes as a lawyer,
I've given money to charities,
I've performed public services.
That brought me enormous gratification as human being, but as a man,
medieval as this may sound, as a man,
the most satisfying moment of my life was that punch.
Is that noble? I'm sure not.
Am I embarrassed about it? Absolutely.
But is it a fundamental truth? Yes.
A truth of man's human nature.
I'm not here before you to condone violence or physical assault.
But when a man's with a date and another man attacks her vulgarity,
what is he really to do?
Go back to that room.
And admit a truth to yourselves.
You're glad he threw that punch

Will the defendant please rise,
Madame foreperson, you've reached your verdict?
Jury: Yes, Your Honor.
Judge: What say you?
On the charge of 62321 misdemeanor battery,
we find the defendant Clinton Gill not guilty.

I guess this was a victory for Cro-Magnon mankind.

Season 1 / Episode 12:

Closing Arguments - The Kiss (3) - ALLY vs JACK

Of course, looks count.
Nobody's saying they don't.
She's an on-camera anchor.
Looks have to count. And look. Look at her.
This is an attractive woman,
and, the defendant admits, admits, was the finest journalist they had.
And they cut her loose because not enough people wanted to see her naked.
The justification? The public. America. The "land of idiots."
(People do read Entertainment Weekly.)
I don't know.
What I do know is that we have a sampling of the public
right here in this jury box.
So you tell us. They fired an Emmy Award-winning anchor
on the premise that the public is a bunch of idiots
who would rather see Playboy models
covering amputee transvestites kissing midgets.
Well, I'm sorry that,
if that's how they regard the public,
if that's what they think of you and you and you and you and you,
then I guess we shouldn't be too surprised
that they disregarded Barbara Cooker.
You're the public. Be heard.

She didn't get fired for being old.
She was discharged because she was no longer
capable of performing the functions of her job.
Like it or not,
in this day of remote control and five zillion channels,
one function of the anchorwoman is to be physically arresting.
Pretty enough to make the channel surfer stop right there
and say, "Ooh. "
The job is different today.
The job function is different.
It's a reality. Do I like it?
Am I happy to be living in a world that prioritizes beauty over content?
Look at me. I was the fat boy who had to take his own sister to the prom.
I have acquired a mustache
because my friends told me the more face I could cover, the better.
But that's the real world.
In every walk of life, lawyers, journalists, secretaries,
pudgy teenagers looking to get one lousy date, looks matter.
You want to punish my client for that reality?
I suppose you could.
But they're not responsible.
And you know that.

Has the jury reached its verdict?
Juror: We have.
Judge: What say you?
In the matter of Cooker versus WKZN Television,
we find for the plaintiff and order the defendant
to pay damages in the amount of $930,000.

Closing Arguments - Once in a Lifetime (15)

He still loves his wife.
He wants to continue experiencing it and sharing it.
And maybe that makes him crazy,
but we should all be so lucky
to end up with somebody who has a little bit of that insanity.
Somebody who never lets you go.
Somebody who cherishes you forever.
Talk about a legacy. Loving somebody forever.
That's a legacy.
You want his world to go on, Sam. So does he.

Will you ever forgive my letting go?
Ally McBeal:
I'll forgive it.
But I'm still not sure I'll ever understand it

Judge Boyle:
I'll have to figure out the logistics, but I believe
I can construe a guardianship that allows him to open a shop.
Opponent Counsel:
Your Honor, nobody here wants to see him get hurt.
Judge Boyle:
I see that. That's why I think it will work.

Season 1 / Episode 15:
Once in a Lifetime

Closing Arguments - Alone Again (22) -

John Cage
He had to go over that wall.
18years, collecting those rubber bands.
To survive in preson you need hope.
And for nealy two decades ...
he fixed all his hope on just one single moment.
And when that moment finally came,
how could he not seize it? (見逃せますか?)
The thing about hope,
many people secretly wish that
that moment never does present itself ...
because if it does, well, there's a chance
the hope could be dashed
. (打ち砕かれてしまうかもしれない)

Now I knew a man
who was secretly in love with a woman,
who was his best friend.
But he never dared tell her,
for fear ahe wouldn't return his feelings.
For fear she'd stop being his best friend.
I think, also,
he never asked her because, well ...
sometimes the, the beauty of not knowing..(おそらく、聞かぬが花という奴で)
Hope lives. (希望は残る、しかし勇気は...)
But courage ...
Yeah, courage is when the time comes to jump,
and you jump
Courage is knowing you can't not jump.
Somewhere out there, there is a man with a heart.
Maybe not broken, certainly not, not content,
wno wishs he had met Vincent Robbins.
Maybe things would be ...(changing) (話は変わっていたはず)

He would salute Vincent Robbins.
Yes, he would.

Season 1 / Episode 22:
Alone Again

Closing Arguments - Forbidden Fruits (16) -

He's not here to get rich.
He's not asking that you award him a lot of money.
He's asking that you recognize the sanctity of a marriage, his marriage.
We're always quick to blame the cheating partner.
But what about the person who
knowingly walks into a marital relationship and breaks it down?
Is he or she without responsibility?
There has to be a difference between romantically pursuing somebody
who's single and somebody who's married, doesn't there?
If not, how can we really say the institution has any sanctity?
What he did was wrong.
Strange that Mr Bepp would come to court for such a verdict.
Sad that, in these times, he'd have to.

Richard: You better have more than a smile.

I agree with everything she said.
Sad that this issue would have to be addressed in a court room.
More sad that people really don't respect marriage anymore.
He was wrong.
Lots of people commit adultery.
It happens.
No, it shouldn't happen.
It's wrong.
But it's also wrong to think that a law or
a jury is gonna make a difference here.
If two people love each other so powerfully,
they're gonna end up together. Stick laws between them.
Stick a court, a judge, an old girlfriends.
They will still find a way to end up together.
Now I'm sure that he still loves her.
And she probably still loves him,
but these two, they're the ones who are meant to be.
If you wanna be angry,
because the one you love loves somebody else a little more,
I understand that more than you know.
But anybody, anybody who has ever been truly, truly in love knows
that my client didn't have a choice.
Yes, marriage is and should be a sanctity.
And the one over there, it is.

Judge: Madam foreperson, has the jury reached a verdict?
Jury: We have, Your Honor.
Judge: What say you?
In the matter of Bepp versus Foote
intentional interference with marital relations,
we find in favor of the defendant.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
thank you for your service. Court is adjured.

Season 1 / Episode 16:
Forbidden Fruits

Closing Arguments - The Blame Game (13) - 

Money. They have it. We want it.
And we need you to make them give it to us.
And we want a lot.
Their plane went up.
But it went down.
Their father died.
Not that you can really compensate my clients.
But if you spank Transatlantic hard enough,
you can make it in their economic interest
not to ever, ever, ever let another plane come down.
Maybe you could make them so obsessed with safety
so they hire more mechanics, maybe they do more testings,
maybe they limit the number of years an aircraft can fly.
Maybe. Maybe, maybe, maybe.
Who knows what that kind of obsession could achieve?
What we do know is that kind of obsession…
It won't come from conscience.
It won't be motivated by good will.
For that kind of commitment to humanity,
it can only come from one thing. Let's all say it together.
John & Jury: "Money."

Mr Ballard:
Well, it's all about blame.
If you get hurt, file a claim, collect your money.
The idea that a plane could crash,
that people could be killed and an airline could be held not liable...
Of course they should pay.
If a, If a person gets cancer, there, there's got to be a doctor to sue.
If somebody skids in the snow, go after the government.
They're the ones with the plows.
Last year, a man's house was destroyed by hurricane.
It was called an "act of God," so he sued his church. And he won.
I apologize.
Mr Ballard:
If you get hurt, there's got to be a bad guy.
Pain doesn't just happen.
There's got to be somebody to blame.

Judge: Has the jury reached a verdict?
Jury: We have, Your Honor.
Judge: And what say you?
In the matter of Lamb versus Transatlantic Airlines
we find in favor of the plaintiff and order the defendant
to pay damages of the amount of 1.1 million dollars.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
we thank you very much for your service.
You are free to go now.

Season 1 / Episode 13:
The Blame Game

Closing Arguments - The Promise (6) - RENEE vs JOHN

This isn't a case about the mating habits of the male species.
It's about, "did she break the law or not"?
The law says, "Sex for money is a crime."
Sitting over there is a prostitute.
Proud and rich, I grant you. But still,
a person who gives sex for a fee.
That's a crime. You all know it.

Hypocrisy troubles me greatly.
Today's biggest and brightest film actresses
make upwards of $10 million per picture.
They only rise to that level, however,
if they're willing to simulate sex acts on camera.
I say "simulate," that's merely for the intercourse.
The kissing.
The nibbling on nipples, the sticking of tongues in ears and mouths,
the groping of breasts and thighs, hands on penises and groins...
That, that's real.
That's actually going on.
These actresses may tell us they're doing it
for some redeeming social value.
Well... That and a million bucks.
Happens at lesser levels.
Women employees have sometimes been known
to gratify their male superiors in hopes that a promotion may ensue.
It's not a noble thing. But it happens sometimes.
We don't jail them
I've known many women who wouldn't consider a man marriage material
unless his income was in a certain bracket.
I don't respect that but it happens.
Women marry for money. We don't jail them
The truth is, sex has always been a currency for women.
Always though often at a quid pro blurry quo.
My client was honest.
She told the truth. To that man and to you. I apologize.
Hypocrisy always gives me such pause.
Let's all take a moment.

Season 1 / Episode 6:
The Promise
I envy you. I really do.



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